Hi. Welcome! This week we launch The Farmers Market Quest with our first blog post AND our first YouTube video. (squeal)  

I’m Tanja, the one you’ll mostly see in front of the camera, writing our blog, and posting social media. My partner here and in life is Morgan, he will mostly be operating the camera, providing voiceovers, and making video editing magic happen. 

We are excited to start 2022 by sharing our adventures to find the world’s best farmers market with you and are eager to build a wonderful community of other farmers market enthusiasts.   

Ever since our second date at a large farmers market we have loved discovering and traveling to new cities and checking out the local vendors at their farmers market(s).  On a whim one day we took a stab at filming some video clips, taking produce pictures, and learning editing software.  What came out of that spur of the moment “let’s tell people about this great market” idea is the video you can watch this Wednesday on YouTube …and the first step of our official quest to find the best. Our buzz about a new farmers market will hit the world wide web every other week!

In the future, we'll be spotlighting many of the fantastic vendors who we meet, so come back and look for that content coming soon! 

Thanks for joining us on The Farmers Market Quest. Click on our calendar to see all of the amazing upcoming market reviews and special farmers market holidays.  If you have suggestions on where we should visit next please drop us a note.  

Be inspired. Be happy. Be you! 

Cheers, Tanja