If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck then it must be a duck. Eugene OR is serious duck country – University of Oregon Ducks that is! There is great pride in this town for their local university and I would argue there should be equal pride in their local Saturday farmers market.

Each booth at the Lane County Farmers Market is prettier than the last. First we were lured by the simple beauty of the well displayed fruits and vegetables. Then we were drawn to the booths featuring herbs, plants, and flowers. Everywhere we turned the booths looked like works of art and you could sense the pride of the local growers illuminated each of their displays and made the foggy morning bright. Seriously, this market was like a masterclass on the art of display.

But not only were the displays of food inspiring, so were the people. We had the good fortune to notice small acts of kindness throughout the market – like when the bread vendor, who was set up next to the street musician, slipped the singer a breakfast pastry “tip” and the fresh crab vendor cracking dad jokes with passerby’s. Check out our video for the wonderful six-farm cheesecake story we tell. These small simple human connections of the soul were Lane Counties greatest product and one worth going back for over and over.

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Be kind. Be happy. Be you! Cheers Tanja