Our Story

Once upon a time, the spark of destiny was lit when Tanja posted a vivid dating profile describing her perfect life and instantly Morgan knew they had to meet.

“Are you my Superman? Am I your Wonder Woman? You are a man known for your integrity, strong while being kind hearted with a genuine compassion for all living creatures. I’m the sexy girl-next-door whose contagious smile makes you feel like the luckiest man in the world. We inspire each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

...Our typical Saturday starts early. After your morning workout and my yoga class, we enjoy loading up the dogs and heading to the farmers market to pick up some fresh food and veggies for dinner. Before heading home we grab a cool IPA and lunch as we listen to the street musician….”

Then the pandemic struck.

In the midst of lockdowns, shuttered businesses, and social distancing, Tanja and Morgan’s love grew over sunset picnics, game nights, and YES farmers markets! In fact, their second (in-person) date was at a large urban farmers market.

Then they got engaged! And the pandemic carried on.

Then they move to the Central Coast of California and got married!

As Tanja and Morgan continue their life of adventure together they decided to chronicle their farmers market journey to find the world’s best one. And the quest was born!

Thanks for being here and joining us on our Farmers Market Quest.

Where Should We Go Next?

Have you been to a great Farmers Market that you want us to visit? Please use the link here to tell us all about it!