Midtown Farmers Market, Sacramento, CA

The Midtown Farmers Market is a monster! This market has EVERYTHING. Farm fresh products, arts and crafts, plants and flowers, a huge variety of prepared foods, music, kids activities, and much more. Set aside several hours to explore this wonderful market and the local area. If you've been to this market, tell us about your favorite thing to pick up!

Veneta Farmers Market, Veneta, OR

Veneta, OR sits in between the home of the University of Oregon (Go Ducks) in Eugene, and the beautiful Oregon coast (Go Florence!) The Veneta Market is charming, friendly, and packed with fantastic farm and artisian products. Save some time after the market to explore this amazing small town and experience the welcoming spirit of the local business owners and community. What is your favorite market in Oregon? Let us know and we'll do our best to visit!

Honolulu Farmers Market, Oahu, HI

Looking for dinner in Honolulu? Can't get the family to agree on one place to eat? This farmers market is the place to go to eat! There are many, many choices for hot and prepared foods, along with all of the market products that you'd expect to find. Check it out and let us know what you had to eat!

Fort Mason Farmers Market - San Francisco, CA

The Fort Mason Farmers Market holds its own against the hundreds of things that you could do in San Francisco. If you're looking fresh farm products and yummy food, make sure to stop by and have a picnic in the park nearby while you take in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Eugene Farmers Market - Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR is a beautiful place with a farmers market to match! Check out our video of this market here and let us know where you want us to go next!

KCC Farmers Market in Honolulu

That's right, we flew across the Pacific Ocean to visit one of the prettiest (and biggest) markets we've seen. Watch below or visit our YouTube channel to see more!

Davis Farmers Market: Davis, CA

Our first video was one that we didn't even plan on being a video! We hope you like it. We will be releasing a new video every two weeks. See you soon!